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International Doctors by Foreign OPD for patients, to ratify their diagnosis, review the treatment advised and recommendations on treatment offered. It can offer insights on additional treatment options.


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International Doctors

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Why to reach International Doctors via

FOREIGN OPD is India’s first and only medical health brand that enables face2face™ second opinion consultations with international and Indian medical experts here! At FOREIGN OPD we are disrupting the second opinion market in India by collaborating with leading medical experts from across the globe in order to bring world class second opinion expertise to Indian patients and patrons. We have 25 clinical sub-specialties including Oncology, Cardiology and Neurology and have partnered with some of the leading names in the industry. Currently we have about 100 international doctors from the top fraternities in UK & US with us and have a stellar network of 150 + best of the doctors across India.

Headed by Dr. Inder Maurya (MD- Emergency Medicine, ECFMG Cert. USA, Ex Senior Resident SGPGIMS Lucknow), a dynamic leader, who understands the pulse of the Indian Healthcare market and empathises with its current systemic gaps, FOREIGN OPD™ is focussed at assuming a supportive role in the industry. Having the cutting edge USP of collaborating, arranging, expediting, face2face™ second opinions from well-known international medical facilities and professionals, FOREIGN OPD will soon reach out to the nook and corner of India, bringing world class medical services to Indian patients

We have a speedy process of applying for an appointment or getting a consultation. Once we collect your records, we schedule an appointment with our Foreign Consultant and date and time is informed to you shortly.

Foreign OPD has access to the latest innovations, data security, and the world’s best clinical care advisers.


Your Right to Second Medical Opinion

Second Medical Opinion is not just a good idea, it is an essential one. It has the power to make a difference between life and death. If our loved ones have been diagnosed with a serious disease and are provided various preoperative and postoperative treatment options, expert second opinion can assist us in navigating through the confusing and expensive medical treatment process. The Government of India, has been supportive in healthcare through its social scheme like Ayushman Bharat and making second opinion as the patient’s right one among the 17 charter rights of patients published by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Now the Indian patient-doctor ecosystem are empowered with a powerful tool to narrow down the systemic gaps and give a better diagnosis while nullifying the errors as much as possible. We must know that second medical opinion is our constitutional right that – Doctors and the hospitals must respect. And in case you choose to come back to the first hospital after getting your second opinion, the hospital still cannot compromise on the quality of healthcare services. So, go ahead and claim your right to the right treatment!


We provide expert second medical opinion

We bring world class doctors and surgeons at your doorstep

We specialize in bringing the best of British, European and American doctors

We save your time and money which you could spend on getting the solution to your problem.

We have consortium of all doctors from various medical specialties and subspecialty